Like MTB?
Track it like a PRO!

Like MTB?
Track it like a PRO!

record rides

see your ride statistics

Skill provides detailed ride statistics by automatically detecting all trails that you fully covered during your ride.


skill can detect when you take a lift

We’ll detect when you start your ride & finish. Lifts and cafe breaks don't have to impact your ride statistics anymore.

track your friends

skill shows the exact location of your friends in the bikepark

Love to ride with your friends or family? Track their location at the bike park in real time!


see actual bikepark trails

Less hassle to ride at a new bike park when you have all it's trails on your smartphone. Skills database has over 100,000 hand-validated trails all over the world.

ride rating

see your best times & compare them with other top riders

Skill shows your best time result on a specific trail. Compete with yourself to improve your skills or challenge other bike park riders.

your best time result

Compete with yourself to improve your skills.

best time

Compete with other bike park riders.


actual information about bikeparks

Skill has a large database of hand-validated bike parks all over the world. Useful info like the official bike park map, bike pass price, and bike park season dates are always at your disposal.

apple watch

Apple watch support

Keep your pockets light and your phone safe! All important information is in the Skill Apple Watch application.

winter activities

skis and snowboard

Besides MTB Skill also supports ski and snowboard activities.

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